Friday, May 21, 2010

The Formula

The amount of time you spend making dinner is inversely related to the probability your kids will eat said food. I posted this on Facebook last night and couldn’t believe the responses from my FB friends. It seems I’m not the only one who’s observed the phenomenon.

EZ Mac takes three and a half minutes in microwave, but I’m almost guaranteed the boys will eat it. On the other hand, I spent 30 minutes making homemade mashed potatoes yesterday and they wouldn’t even taste them.

So why bother? Can kids subsist on Mac N Cheese, chicken nuggets and PB&J? Probably, but can I?

My parents tell me that I ate everything as a kid. I even remember one night at a restaurant when my dad paid me $1 to eat some nasty custard thing. My sisters, who were always pickier eaters, got $5 each. Let’s hope they grow out of this.

My new year’s resolution was – Don’t eat what the kids are eating. I’m tired of turning chicken nugget meals into Chinese chicken salad already.

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