Thursday, October 7, 2010

"That's a lot of poop" and other things moms say

What's up with the fact that moms can talk about poop without wincing, or even batting an eye? We're used to poop. We talk about poop. We LIVE poop.

Case in point, last weekend JV and I were standing around talking about poop (to be more specific - the appropriate bun spreading techniques for maximum cleanliness). Up comes JC, "Are you ready to go?" Oh, yeah - we didn't even realize we were talking about poop and were happy to change the subject.

Poop just creeps into everyday conversation. "The weather's great today. Oh and Johnny just did the funniest thing with his diaper yesterday."

My friend AJ told me yesterday that I totally ruined his image of me (I'm not quite sure what that image was - Supermom?) and was disgusted that I mentioned poop in a recent FB post. I didn't even realize I did that. Sorry AJ, I'll try to keep it clean next time.