Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murphy's Law

Doesn't it just figure that all hell breaks loose as soon as my husband leaves town? Dillon is finally not pooping his pants every five minutes. And BAM, that ear infection that he's been fighting for a week kicks in.

Grandma volunteers to come over so I can run out for a bit and pick up yogurt, bread and crackers (you know, things that you give a dehydrated kid). Exactly what the doc told me at urgent care last night. Duh - I know about that stuff. I've suffered through morning sickness. I was hoping he'd give the poor kid something to stop him up. Something. Anything. I got. Nothing.

Anyway, 20 minutes after Grandma leaves Dillon is complaining about his ears). One second later (I'm not exaggerating here), Parker pukes all over the couch.

Can it get any worse? I left a message for the nurse at my pediatrician two hours ago. Still waiting... I don't want to give Dillon antibiotics for his ear because we all know what happens when you take antibiotics. You get diarrhea. It's a vicious cycle.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now that's a lot of crap. Literally.

What to do with a potty training toddler with diarrhea? TMI? Sorry, folks, but poop happens. Thank goodness it's laundry day. I asked if he wanted to wear a diaper, but the answer was, "No."

I hate when my kids are sick. They get that little sad look on their faces and you just want to do something. But what? Around here, it's a snuggle and a bath. Snuggle officially over. I have about three minutes until bath. I guess it's time to be a responsible parent (What was I thinking when I signed up this job?) and start that bath.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Kids are Hilarious

I'm sure every mom says that, but mine really ARE funny. I'm amazed every day at the crazy things they come up with.

At dinner tonight Parker asks me what "interupting" means. I start to tell him and he yells, "Don't talk with your mouth full, Mom." Geesh. At least he's learning something.

Here are some of the other funnies they came up with today:

Parker: "FIRST one down the hill is a ROCKIN' egg!"


Parker with a hand full of pennies: "I'm rich!"

Dillon (totally clueless): "Hi Rich."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Entepreneur to be

Once again I find myself unemployed, so what's a girl to do? Start my own little business, that's what. I may not make much (or any) money, but whatever. I'm having fun making some cute little kid's hats based on one I made for Dillon's Halloween costume.

I opened my Etsy shop, Naughty Kids, yesterday. So far, there are only six hats there, but I'm working on adding more as well as some little baby blankets.

Here's a pic of the hat that started it all (and a cute little mousey wearing it). Now, I gotta get sewing.

When you get a chance, check me out on Etsy at: