Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murphy's Law

Doesn't it just figure that all hell breaks loose as soon as my husband leaves town? Dillon is finally not pooping his pants every five minutes. And BAM, that ear infection that he's been fighting for a week kicks in.

Grandma volunteers to come over so I can run out for a bit and pick up yogurt, bread and crackers (you know, things that you give a dehydrated kid). Exactly what the doc told me at urgent care last night. Duh - I know about that stuff. I've suffered through morning sickness. I was hoping he'd give the poor kid something to stop him up. Something. Anything. I got. Nothing.

Anyway, 20 minutes after Grandma leaves Dillon is complaining about his ears). One second later (I'm not exaggerating here), Parker pukes all over the couch.

Can it get any worse? I left a message for the nurse at my pediatrician two hours ago. Still waiting... I don't want to give Dillon antibiotics for his ear because we all know what happens when you take antibiotics. You get diarrhea. It's a vicious cycle.

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