Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabric Covered Notepads

I fell in love with these cute little fabric covered notepads from Skip to my Lou while perusing Pinterest a couple weeks ago and thought they would make great teacher gifts. Since Parker is in year-round school and is off track, he missed teacher appreciation week. He has the absolute best kindergarten teacher.

I decided I should give it a try and made a couple tonight. I'm in love. Want to make one too?

Here's what you'll need:
Coordinating fabrics (1/4 yard makes two notepads)
Iron-on fabric stabilizer (for stiffness)
Spiral notebooks (mine are 4x6)
1/4 wide elastic (optional)
Sewing machine
First, cut out your pieces. You'll need:
7x14 inch piece of main fabric
6x9 inches of fabric stabilizer
2x6 inch piece of coordinating fabric for pen holder

Next, iron on your stabilizer in the center of your main fabric following the instructions on the package. I just eyeballed this step.
I hate ironing - in fact I've been known not to buy things that require ironing - but this step is important. Iron down the edges of your fabric 1/2 inch all the way around. I used the edge of the stabilizer as a guide.
Next, fold in the sides of your cover (this will slide over the edges of your notepad to hold it on). Again, I used the edges of the stabilizer as a guide.
OK. Time to head to the machine. Sew down the seams on the ends of your fabric. Pin down your folds if you want (I just remembered to tuck them in) and sew around the whole thing leaving the smallest border possible. You want your notepad to slide in fairly easy, so if your seams are too big, it will be tight. Don't worry though, you can trim the edges of the notepad cover to make it fit if neccessary (I did it, but just a little ;-)).
Now, let's add the pen holder. Iron in the sides like you did on the main part.
Sew down the top seam only. The others will be sewn directly to the body of the cover. Place it on the front of your cover. Be careful not to sew through the flaps and pin in place.
Sew down the first side only.
Now, create a little pleat to allow space for the pen. Pin down and sew along the bottom and up the other side.
This last step is optional. It will create a strap to hold the book closed while not in use. When I do it again, I will probably attach it to the front of the book, so when wrapped around it will be in the back of the book. See how mine is in front in the final picture? I think it will looks better on the back.
Now, slide in your notepad - trimming if neccessary - and make more. Lots more. I bought four notepads, but I'm heading back to Walmart tomorrow so I can make more.
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