Friday, June 24, 2011

Change of Address Cards

It's amazing what you can do when your children are entertained. Since my neighbor is sick, we had her two kiddos for a playdate today. They had a great time and mommy got a lot of stuff done.

I pounded out 20 cards for my friend MG to pass out at their going away party tomorrow. And 9 cellphone shaped ones for her preteen daughter. I have to say they are AWESOME. So awesome, in fact that I decided to share.

For the ground ups, I made up a little poem (I had a little help from the sick neighboor - she rhymes better than me). And included a 3-D little cactus flower and house. Here it is.

We're moving to the desert where it's toast and hot.
Please keep in touch, 'cause we'll miss you a lot.
The kid one is shaped like a cell phone and includes some text-speak the teenagers use. Yes, I had to look it up because I'm not as up on the lingo as the kiddos and not a very good texter.
Check 'em out.

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