Sunday, June 19, 2011

T-Shirt goes from frumpy to OooLaLa

My family wears these silly "Happy Camper" t-shirts on all of our camping trips, which, during the summer, is a lot. We try to go as often as possible.

We got back from a trip last summer and I saw this pic of myself in mine. Yikes! Since when did I look so frumpy? And it's like P is staring at the worst part! Oh, and cut me some slack, we are camping after all.
I've been reading the Dress A Day blog for a while and figured I could take some scissors to the offensive t-shirt.

I started by cutting off the crew neck and turning into a slight sweetheart line. Next, I shortened the sleeves and length of the shirt itself.

I'm really into a banded bottom t-shirt right now, so I ran a quick straight stitch all the way around the new bottom of the shirt, pulling the string to gather it a bit. Measuring the left over bottom to fit around the upper part of my hips, I trimmed off the excess. I sewed the left over together forming a big circle and pinned it to my newly gathered shirt bottom.

A quick seam to attach the band and seam around all my raw edges, and BAM! new t-shirt.

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