Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Easiest T-Shirt Skirt Ever

I've been reading a lot of DIY articles about creating a skirt out of and old t-shirt. When I thought I found the easiest one, here:, I decided to give it a shot.

This tutorial is really great and I'm in love with the bicycle skirt she made (gotta find that shirt), but I made mine even easier.

I started with the hub's old t's. He wears a L. Since the gray one had some deoderant stains, I chopped it straight across, under the pits. This makes the skirt body.

Next, I chopped the sleeves and cut the waistband out of the chest section (about 5 inches wide). I'm just making a fold over waistband (hence the reason it's so easy), so I measured the two pieces around my waist and sewed them together end-to-end making a circle. You'll want both pieces to be the same size (I'll tell you why later).

The red t-shirt has seams on both sides, so it made lining up super easy. Take the seams of each of the circle waistband piece and pin to the side seams of the skirt body. Next, I found the center of the waistband front/back and the center of the skirt front/back and pinned together.

I didn't want to cut the skirt body, so to make it hang nicely, I put two little pleats in each of the 1/4 sections (between the pins). Pin each pleat to the waistband. Now the waistband and body should fit perfectly. If you're thinner, you can make three or more pleats.

Now, you can sew the waistband to the skirt body. Pull it on and fold over the waistband and you're done. The red one is a little shorter because it had a grease stain in the middle (thanks for fixing my car hun).

My neighbor stopped by yesterday and noted that we were wearing the same skirt. My reply, "Yeah, but mine was a shirt yesterday."

Now I have an eye on this old navy blue shirt. What can I ask him to do to get a stain and make that one mine too?

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