Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can a kid live on Mac N Cheese alone?

I have the pickiest eaters ever. Well, maybe not ever. I heard of a kid who would only eat Teddy Grahams. I'm seriously tired of trying new things only to have the kiddos refuse to eat it. Case in point, today I made homemade chicken pot pie. What's not to like? Especially with cornbread crust. They wouldn't touch it, except to eat a tiny bit of the cornbread.

I'm told that when you get the kids involved in cooking, they will be more likely to eat it. The boys tried to join me to make the pot pie today. Parker pulled up a chair and immediately fell off and split his lip. When safely back up on the chair, all he wanted to do was attack the cookie jar. Next, Dillon pulled up a chair, got bored when he found out cookies were off limits, and left the room. Two minutes later, he was back and pulled down both chairs sending Parker flying yet again. Needless to say, the boys were then banned kicking and screaming from the room.

Am I doomed to eating Mac N Cheese forever?

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  1. I told you about Sophia and the broccoli, right? For a good two months all she would eat was broccoli. To the verge of screaming fits. There was one night where we were out of it and she started screaming, 'broccoli! BROCCOLI!" and refused to eat the rest of her dinner so she got offered ice cream and just looked at it then shouted, "BROCCOLI!!!" It was a lost cause.
    The involving them thing does work quite well though. I do not recommend however, holding a child while they are munching on broccoli with a cold. A face full of chewed broccoli leaves is not the most pleasant thing in the world.
    Love the blog!