Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a day

It started off okay. Cancelled playdate, but we could handle that. Decided to cheer on Grandma at bowling (Parker's been asking to go for weeks). When Grandma was done, we decided to play a round. Parker got a spare on the first frame. Good. Right? I got seven pins. Dillon got a couple. Next up, CRASH.

Dillon is down and bleeding with a gash in his chin. Damn, I paid for a whole game AND shoes. Parker and Grandma finished the game, while I took Dillon to urgent care. The doc took one look at Dillon and sent me to a real ER. He didn't want to be responsible to stitch up a baby's face. Ugh. Ten more minutes in the car, and we arrived at the ER. No parking in the emergency lot - of course.

Two hours later, we have three stitches and a Daffy Duck bandaid. I figure that's one stitch for every 45 minutes. What a trooper he was though. The nurses raved about how great he was. He actually slept in the busy hallway for about 30 minutes.

Phew. All is well. Wrong. Tonight, the kid falls down our incredibly steep stairs. Crisis averted. He's sleeping quietly. I'm sure with two boys, we'll have a lot more trips to the ER in our future.

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