Monday, March 8, 2010

A four-hour drive with a potty training toddler

It wouldn't be so bad if the kid wasn't so afraid of bathrooms. Stopping at Kremmling's local Kum and Go (no kidding, who named the gas station?) so Parker could "go potty" was not the highlight of our trip to Steamboat Lake this weekend. I packed 10 pair of underwear for the four-day, three-night trip. There are four left in the bag. Not too shabby.

The kids had so much fun hanging out in "Aunt Jen's cabin," playing in the snow, riding the snowmobiles to breakfast at the lodge and going on a sleigh ride. The big savior of the trip - a 19 inch TV/DVD player. Sad, I know, but it kept the kids entertained. They must have watched 'A Bug's Life' six times.

Tried snowmobiling (is that a word?) for the first time yesterday. Who knew it would be such a workout? My whole body aches and it's probably not from the fall into the "tree well."

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