Thursday, March 15, 2012

Angry Birds Backpack Pals

In case you didn't know, my kids are Angry Birds addicts. My husband would say I'm an addict too, but I beg to differ (I'm just helping the kids open new levels. Geez).

Here's a pic of the littlest addict.

We were at Target one day and they wanted to buy these little plush birds that hang on their backpacks. They're tiny and cost about $5 a pop. I thought, "Dang, I can make something just as cute for next to nothing."

The boys and I searched Yahoo Images for a pic we could use as a pattern. This one was the winner. We printed it and headed to the craft store.

Here's what we bought. Felt squares in all the colors we needed. I also pulled out my scissors, glue gun, some paper and a pencil.

I copied the pictures (just simple sketches) and created some little patterns.

I used the patterns to cut out the pieces I needed from each color and used the hot glue gun to layer them up. I put a piece black felt on the back to give them some support and weight.

We picked out some of our favorite birds and the pig with the orange mustache. After they were done, I took some tread and some left over hooks from a lanyard project to make them hang on their packs.


And on the backpack. I don't always make my kid wear his helmet at the park. It was a quick pitstop at the park on the way home from school. They rode their scooters that day.

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