Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saying goodbye to a good friend - my favorite jeans

Ah, your favorite pair of jeans. Don't tell me they aren't like an old friend. When you're feeling good about yourself or when you're feeling bad about yourself, they always make you just a little more confident.

These Ralph Lauren's are five years old. Which is crazy old in clothes-speak, especially for someone like me who likes to shop at Target and Old Navy and pretty much only buys something if it's on clearance.

I bought these jeans after Parker was born and I lost a lot of weight - thank you breast feeding. I gained only 25 pounds during the pregnancy, but was at my heaviest when I got pregnant (thanks to stress and fertility medications). But after the pregnancy, the weight just fell off - 55 pounds of it. It's stayed off, for the most part, with a couple of ups and downs here and there.

Yesterday, I wore my favorite RF's and they are looking a bit, well worn. The waistband is falling apart, there's a hole near the hem and the crotch is wearing a bit thin in places. Goodbye old friend. I'll miss you, but not too much, because knowing myself, I will make something out of them. Hum. A bag? Potholders? A picnic blanket (I'll need some more for that)? A journal cover? A skirt?

Project! I can't wait. Maybe saying goodbye, in this case, won't be so hard.

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  1. My favourite jeans are developing a serious hole in the crotch-like area... I'm thinking of making a bag out of them... good luck and show me pictures when you're done! :)