Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to the grind and getting "Pinteractive"

I totally suck at keeping up my blog. I've been so busy with the boys and a couple little consulting gigs, that I just let it slide.

My gal, Nanette from Say It, Don't Spray It ( dared her FB friends and blog followers to "get Pinteractive." If you're like me, you're already addicted to the site. If not, you will be - It's an online pin board, of sorts. You can pin anything from the web for future reference, follow what your friends are pinning and browse what other users are pinning. One word: Addictive.

OK, so back to getting Pinteractive. There are so many awesome things on Pinterest that there is no way that you can do everything you pin. I've done a lot, but probably only about 5 percent of what I've actually pinned. I'm taking Nanette's dare and going to start posting some of the projects that have been inspired by Pinterest. Here are a few:

This one inspired by this blog post:

And this great little tie made from one of my hubby's old ones (look closely and you'll see we made a bracelet out of the extra), inspired by

Check back here for some more pinteractivity (if it's not a word yet, it should be). And some original work done by me.

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