Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First REAL Playdate - with a girl

Parker had his first real playdate today. The kind of playdate where the mom drops the kid off and comes back in a couple hours. We've had neighbor kids over and the boys have gone over to a neighbor's to play. We've also had playdates where the mom (or me) hang out while the kids play, but this was a first. And it was a GIRL.

Parker's friend, A. came over early this morning after her mom dropped her brother at preschool (I was kind of jealous because she was in workout clothes and headed to the gym).

Before she came, I asked Parker what he planned to do. Do I need to plan something? A craft? I don't know. I'm new to this too. Parker said, "No Mom, A. gets to pick what we do." Duh! How could I be so dumb?

There was some hide and seek and general running around, but they quickly decided to build a tent in the dining room. I pulled out four sheets, set up some chairs and let them go. Of course, there needed to be every stuffed animal in the house in this tent. Then they decided crafts needed to be done in there too, but there was no room because the animals were hogging all the space. Pretty soon, we had three kids (Dillon hung out too) making snowflakes - lots of snowflakes.

Wouldn't you know, it was snowing in the house. All 30 (or so) paper snowflakes were dropped from the loft area into the dining room. It was pretty cool, actually.

A half-hour on the swingset, some snacks and it was time to go. I think our first playdate was an overall hit. Parker wants to do it again. TOMORROW.

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